Expand your martial arts business by setting up your own shop in your studio with these seven merchandising tips!

Merchandising is the act of selling products in a store to customers. Never considered it for your martial arts school? Allow us to enlighten you with the benefits!

Producing and selling your own merchandise can do wonders in terms of adding a second source of income to your martial arts school. You can boost your revenue to allow you to pour funds into other areas of your business, such as better facilities and equipment for your school.

Not only will your facility make more money, but merchandising is also an effective marketing method. Having your marital arts school’s name or logo on the products you sell will increase brand recognition in your community. The more people see it, the more it will increase your school’s popularity and credibility in your neighborhood.

So, what are you waiting for? Set up your own store today with our seven martial arts merchandising tips!

1. Decide What You Want to Sell

As a martial arts school, there are many different products that you could sell. The key is to determine what you would like your business to be known for and tailor your inventory accordingly.

merchandising tips, boxing gloves
Since martial arts itself includes a great deal of necessary gear, have these available for new students.

Since martial arts itself includes a great deal of necessary gear, have these available for new students. Special uniforms, karate belts, water bottles, and gloves are all items that students may require for lessons. The fact that your school sells these products, will provide convenience for your clients as they will not have to go far to find them. In time, your inventory can expand to include more products such as training bags, kick pads, and more specialized equipment.

The products you sell are a reflection of your martial arts school. So, it is vital to make sure that your merchandise is of the best quality. If your martial arts gear is trustworthy and reliable, clients will believe your martial arts school is too.

This is just the beginning! Read on for more exclusive merchandising tips.

2. Market Your Brand

Another useful marketing suggestion is to use your merchandise as free advertising tools for your brand. This is your chance to make your martial arts school easily recognizable and soon, a household name!

To market your brand, it is of vital importance to add your martial arts school’s name to your products. Imagine your young students taking your customized water bottles to school, and your older clients carrying duffel bags with your studio logo everywhere. When your students use your merchandise in public, they are publicizing your martial arts school for free!

Not only will branding help broadcast your business, but it will also make your students feel like they are part of a community. They will feel much more connected to your brand as they are now part of your school’s family. Once this bond is established and strengthened, you will earn your students’ loyalty.

3. Source Locally

One of our most valuable merchandising tips is to source locally. Not only will this support your community, but you will also reap quality and cost benefits!

If you work with nearby suppliers, you will have more control over your product quality. Meeting with suppliers in person will allow you to set your expectations and ensure that your vision is being met. You will also be able to pop in to check on the progress of your merchandise and make sure that it is up to your standard. This tip also helps you save money since you can forget the hefty costs of shipping! The closer your supplier is to your studio, the more money you can save. Think about setting up repeat purchase orders every few months to not to waste money on storage units or warehouses.

Once your products are up to par, use the next tip to optimize your store’s sales capabilities.

4. Layout is Key

Your martial arts store should be a visually stimulating experience for your customers. Both store layout and design should be planned carefully when opening your own shop.

What type of atmosphere and feeling do you want your store to evoke? This can be done through the use of colors, lighting, and special store features. Consider using bold colors like red and black if you want your shop to create a feeling of power and confidence, much like the sport does. Or utilize all the different colors of the belt levels to keep the atmosphere fun and inclusive. Whatever the case, make sure all your merchandise is laid out thoughtfully for the public to see. To do this, create specific sections for each product so everything is well organized and easily accessible.

merchandising tips, store layout
Make sure all your merchandise is laid out thoughtfully for the public to see.

Once your shop is unique to your brand, with little touches here and there that reflect your school, it will make your store memorable and attract more customers.

5. Hire Friendly Staff

Now that you’ve designed the perfect atmosphere, you need to create a warm and welcoming environment. This can be done by hiring friendly staff.

The people you hire to work at your store/front desk will represent your brand, so take good care when reviewing applications! Take the time to educate new staff about your merchandise offerings, your martial arts school’s identity, and how you want them to reflect it. Train your staff so they know how to promote your products. But make sure they also understand that they are there to help your customers, not smother them.

6. Join the World Wide Web

The internet is a magical place where your store can thrive. Set up an online store and maximize your sales!

Make your merchandise store more flexible and accessible by launching it online. You can add or remove merchandise as you please with an online platform, hassle free! This provides you with the flexibility needed to control what your customers can see and what is being sold. If you want to add new products or offers, you can do it online without having to wait for the word to spread. Going online also allows your store to be accessed easily. An online store never closes, so you can literally make sales in your sleep! You’ll never have to worry about closing time again.

With this merchandising tip, you can also reach a wider client base. Customers can be students who go to your martial arts school and others who don’t necessarily attend your classes but may want the merchandise for personal use. Whatever the case may be, this translates into revenue for you.

By setting up an online store, your customers don’t need to walk into your location, but can access it from the comfort of their own homes. Once convenience is provided, your sales will sky rocket.

7. Go Mobile!

*One of our most exclusive merchandising tips

What better way to go online than with a mobile app? Out of all our merchandising tips, this is the one where we can support you directly!

WellnessLiving is at your service with our easy-to-use all-in-one business management software. Your martial arts studio store can be easily accessible to your clients in the form of an app with our Achieve Client App! Customize the app to suit your brand by setting up your studio colors and your business logo. Clients can immediately access your store and purchase your merchandise through the app, making their lives and yours much simpler.

In our modern digital society, many people prefer to shop on the go. By going mobile you will give customers what they crave and always be one fighting stance ahead!


Merchandising can help your business in countless ways. It can function as a marketing tool while also increasing your revenue!

So elevate yourself to the status of grand master with these merchandising tips! Establish what you want to sell and consider your brand. Your products must reflect your martial arts school, so include your name as well as your unique logo. Source locally to save money, support your community, and always have the upper hand. The way your store is organized is also of utmost importance. Consider colors, lighting, as well as special elements that would be unique to your martial arts school. Additionally, hire staff who are friendly enough to be able to establish a connection with your customers to increase your client retention rates and promote sales. Lastly, consider setting up an online store using your own website or your own mobile app!

Now that you’ve earned your black belt in the world of retail with our fantastic merchandising tips, you’re ready to conquer anything! WellnessLiving can be your sidekick on this epic journey into the world of retail and business management. While you take care of your clients, we can take a load off your shoulders by helping you surpass your sales targets. Book a free, no commitment demo with us today to see how WellnessLiving can take your business to the next level!